Who We Are & What We Do

Storymasters is a Toronto-based creative services firm specializing in video-based digital content creation. We help top Canadian brands communicate their value by emotionally connecting people to ideas. We turn complex transactions into simple and memorable human stories. And, we drive behavioural and organizational change from within. Our approach blends high-end marketing aesthetic, a journalistic curiosity, and a down-to-earth project management mindset.

Randy Woolgar

Principal, Creative Director

Randy is a veteran director/cameraman, producer and writer. He has one foot firmly planted in the world of advertising and marketing, the other in the world of documentary storytelling. He is a versatile creative and knows how to connect the dots.

Marikka Woolgar

Principal, Operations Director

Marikka is a certified project manager [PMP] with a clear understanding of how process enables action. She works diligently behind the scenes to make sure our front-end and back-end operations are perfectly synchronized.

Alexandra Hudes


Alex brings a keen eye and attention to the smallest details. She works with our in-house and freelance teams to plan, execute, and deliver exactly what we’ve promised, precisely when we’ve promised it.

Marco Fuentes


Marco brings a wealth of editorial experience to our creative team. He’s multitalented, multilingual, and thinks about the big picture. That said, he’s still obsessed about detail and drives a very fast mouse.

Xia Dog

Mascot & Floor Warmer

She’s 14 (that’s 98 in canine years), but she still manages to get up, greet everyone with a wag, sniff their lunches, and participate in the occasional conference call.