“Real Mornings” Campaign

Storymasters got a call from long-time client Loblaw Companies to produce a series of short videos to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of President’s Choice Children’s Charity(PCCC).   The folks at PCCC wanted to bring the role of the charity to life in a way that was, well…  un-corporate!  Working collaboratively with the PR team at Loblaw, we cast aside the obligatory testimonials.  Then we nixed spokesperson interviews.  And, ditched the professional sounding narration.  Before you know it, “Real Mornings” was born.

Our director and crew participated in the morning routines of three families (each with mobility challenged youngsters) and filmed in two schools that benefit from the charity’s nutrition program.   And, while the shoot did involve some really really early mornings for the team, we think the results speak for themselves.