London Drugs Event Opener

Every November, for as long as we can remember, Vancouver-based London Drugs has held a big Toronto event celebrating its vendor partnerships. It’s a flashy, high-end show featuring lots of video, slick AV staging, and big (did we say big?) big name speakers.

Of course, that means that every preceding September, a Toronto-based creative team heads to BC to capture the brand essence of this innovative west coast retailer. This year Director/DP Randy Woolgar helmed the 5-day shoot using a Vancouver-based production team. He executed more than 50 set-ups, many with on-camera talent, senior executives, or both. A trio of Storymasters editors delivered 7 high-end vignettes (plus an event animation) to the delight of the LD Marketing team.

Of course, the content of the event videos is privileged, but we can share a series of frame grabs from the various videos that demonstrates the craftsmanship of our work. (You’ll have to imagine the hip narration and heart pounding music yourself.)