Loblaw Brands

Every two years, the team at Storymasters bring innovation at Loblaw Brands to life. The goal? To salute forward-thinking suppliers of President’s Choice and Life Brand products. The venue? An upscale gala awards event at a prestigious downtown Toronto location.

As you can imagine, egos in the room are big. Thankfully, the main stage screen is even bigger. Our team is tasked with producing up to fifteen 4K awards videos in a widescreen cinema-styled format. Shoot locations are typically coast to coast. Over the years, we’ve shot everything from apricot orchards in California to ice cream factories in Newfoundland.

The production timeline is often aggressive, but the the sights, sounds, (and smells) are worth every airport layover. Back at our studio, there’s lots of table top shooting as edits come together – and that means lots and lots of samples delivered to the office. Yum.