Lisa Ray 60-Second PSA

It was a week before the big launch of Stem Cell City.  “Let’s get Lisa Ray to give us a testimonial,” said the agency account rep.  “We’ll put her video on the webpage!”  Thankfully, actress Lisa Ray was in Toronto and available on short notice.  “You have two hours,” said her agent briskly. “She’s available at 10am on Saturday.”

With that news, Storymasters “negotiated” the living room of the sound recordist’s townhouse.  The DP brought a single 1200 HMI.  Using a Canon 5D, a set of tilt/shift lenses, a slider, and a vague content outline, we captured everything we needed.  The Storymasters team was in and out of the townhouse in under three hours. Done like dinner. Or, is that lunch?