Kickstarter Product Launch

In the beginning, upstart company had their sights set on a 3-minute instructional video.   When they approached us for a competitive quote, we suggested doing something different.  Their leadership team was a bit skeptical at first, but, thanks to an Ikea instruction sheet, a nifty music track, and few napkin sketches later, Storymasters landed the gig.

The first few production meetings took place at the sink (literally).  We coined some ‘katchy kuestions’, wrote some copy, and created a hand-sketched animatic.   Then, we moved to animating the actual product design CAD files within a virtual kitchen scene.  The video will be used online and in-store to promote the new product line.

In addition to our work on the video, Storymasters designed a new logo, provided copywriting services, and weighed in on the design of the new product cartons.