Infographics 2.0

Perfecting Rapid Response in the Age of COVID

Video-based business communication never stops. But COVID-related bans on travel and social gathering are changing how videos are being created. And fast.

At the height of a global pandemic, videos featuring customers, employees, and company leadership just aren’t realistic. In fact, when crews can’t move, people are sequestered, and workplaces are deserted, it’s impossible to acquire new assets.

Enter Infographics 2.0

Don’t let the name fool you – these are not everyday explainers with your company logo on the top and tail. These are videos with tailored creative, driven by a combination of voice and music, curated stock, animated text and graphics. In the new world of contagion lockdown, Infographic 2.0 is the go-to video communication solution for businesses. Here’s why:

  1. Rapid Response – projects can rocket out of the gate immediately.
  2. Choose Your Creative Adventure – Bold and energetic, warm and friendly, abstract and emotional.
  3. Branded Content – Weaving fonts, colours, and your unique brand personality is easy.
  4. Virtual Workflow – conceptualization, scriptwriting, and asset collection (even voice talent) can be orchestrated online.
  5. End to End Online Collaboration – Review, approvals, and delivery, using our secure Teamwork project site keeps everyone in the loop.

Teleworking from home full-time is the new normal for many of our corporate clients, but we’ve operated in a virtual post-production environment for years. We’re nimble, fast and well positioned to help your business communicate clearly and effectively – even as the global COVID situation continues to unfold.

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