Branded Virtual Broadcast

COVID-19 restrictions are still in place. Branded virtual meetings make more business sense than ever before.

Storymasters recently executed a series of interactive virtual meetings for a global pharmaceutical brand. The productions are captured in a green screen studio with three cameras using 3D virtual reality software from Unreal. The 60-minute broadcasts play out in a branded, customized virtual set and can be viewed by private audiences in more than 70 global locations.

The broadcasts feature live and pre-recorded materials, including interactive live Q & A sessions between global audiences and studio-based subject matter experts. For confidentiality reasons, our demo (and the images below) are created with generic branding.

Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, customized virtual sets (or adapting off-the-shelf models) are an easy starting point. Integrations such as secure logins, virtual break-out rooms, two-way Q&A sessions, and one-click audience interactions can be added. See a demo of real time 3d compositing below.

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