60-second PSA

Companies Committed to Kids (CCK) needed an awareness piece that communicated who they are and what they do. The available budget amount was modest, but the CCA was flexible on approach and timeline. (So far so good!) CCA’s target audience is kids aged 8-12. As it turns out, Storymasters’ principal partners have a 10-year old and a diverse set of school-aged friends that match the demographic. (Even better!)

We developed pitched a concept that would be simple to execute, involve a small circle of acquaintances, and a handful of neighbourhood locations. CCA liked the idea and gave us an enthusiastic green light. (We’re good to go!) Storymasters created two distinct videos: a 60-second PSA entitled “Conversations”, and a 120-second animated promo that communicates CCA’s value proposition to parents, teachers, and prospective corporate members. (Click here to see the animated promo) The project has resulted in a number of referrals and 6 related video assignments! Many thanks to our friends at CCA.