Metaphors a Go Go

For the last 4 years, the team at Storymasters has been creating an ever growing series of upbeat, artful, and creative videos for a well-known international SAAS (software as a service) client. Our videos bring to life the software value proposition for our client’s biggest target market: large enterprise corporations.

Storymasters is tasked with dissecting every brief, wordsmithing every script, selecting every image, and weaving every video into a memorable and artful narrative – complete with social media cuts.

The objective? To sell software and its associated services.

The creative challenge has always been that these often intangible software apps are incredibly efficient at executing woefully mundane assignments with speed and precision. To put it bluntly, the apps save global organizations huge amounts of money – but they’re not the least bit sexy.

Enter the Metaphor.

Of course, with NDA’s and all, we can’t tell you the name of the client. Or show you their videos for that matter.

So, we took the same cool metaphoric creative approach that we’ve applied to well over 20 client assignments, reskinned it, re-voiced it, and changed all the imagery. Then we created a fictitious corporate brand and peppered it through a fake 60-second spot. Why all the effort?

We love these creative assignments and the buzz they generate. We’re especially proud of the reaction of poker-faced enterprise procurement teams to the videos we create. And besides, we want to show you some of the cool things our team is rarely allowed to show. Or speak about.