Everyday Leadership at TD

Storymasters recently created a thought provoking internal video designed to ignite conversations about leadership at TD. The video opens with role model managers who think they’ve been invited to talk about the value of everyday leadership. It turns out that the employees these very managers have mentored and influenced, end up stealing the show. While we can’t show you the actual video, we can show you some of the responses TD received from employees across North America who watched it. Check out the TD Staff Feedback tab below.

The Creative
Production Approach
TD Staff Feedback
The Creative

Production Approach

The Employees

Our first round of interviews captured poignant stories of role model TD employees who, at some point in their career, reached a personal or professional crossroad. Each needed to make behavioural change, to quit or continue, or to take on new responsibility in their workplace. The stories revealed how input from their manager helped steer them in the right direction. Our conversations were captured “Errol Morris-style” (looking directly into the camera).


The Managers

For the second round of interviews, we used a bit of a ruse. We invited those employee managers to share personal perspectives on leadership on-camera. Just when they were getting passionate about the value of good leadership, we surprised them with a personal “thank you” from their protégé. When edited together, the stories were candid, genuine, and very emotional testaments to the power of everyday leadership

TD Staff Feedback

“Outstanding video and idea.. Great job by the team that put this concept together. Congratulations on all the leaders in these videos.”

“Seriously amazing video. Wow! Hats off to everyone across TD who inspire each other to do more than they feel they can.”

“#everydayleadership!… Wow, bit of tear-jerker this one… Fantastic inspirational video!! Describing (name removed)’s leadership in one word: AMAZING!!”

“What a wonderful video. Truly reminds people managers on the impact you can have on someone’s career and direction!!! great video!!!”

“Thank you for sharing this!!! Is often times the little things our Leaders see in us that motivate us everyday.”

“Truly inspiring video and a reminder of the impact leaders have across the organization. Fanstastic.”

“One of the most inspirational and moving videos I have seen – WELL DONE!!! Great Idea! Would be super to do more of these with other leaders ongoing to inspire others. Storytelling is engaging!”

“An amazing video! This video was able to capture the true essense of “Inspiring Others” and the “Will to Win”! Thank you for “showing” what true leadership is.”